Social anxiety in first year

The pressures of a social life can get to us at times, especially during your first year. While some students are naturally outspoken others have to work hard, so to […]

How to make good use of vacation

Vacation is a great time to look forward to as it makes both students and parents happy. Students should be able to create time once in a while to go […]

Coping with a new environment

The stress of making adjustments to a new environment can be overwhelming because different students have different preferences to the size and population of the class. Some classes are small […]

How to cope with being too social

A lot of people have different opinions about different things. One of which is how outgoing a person can be. Listening to people too much will not help you the […]

Guide to making the Best Career choice.

Being confronted with the task of making a career choice when you have absolutely no idea of what you want to do can seem like an insurmountable obstacle on your […]

Ways To Become An Effective Learner

wayFor many students, time isn’t a luxury, so it is important to get the most educational value out of the time you have available. Being an effective learner isn’t about […]

Importance of breakfast to our studies

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You don’t want to be in class or anywhere outside and you are so focused on food and how you haven’t […]

How To Improve Your Memory

Improving the retentive capability of the memory has been one of the biggest issues students face. Even in our day-to-day activities, we might forget certain things we should otherwise remember. […]