5 Most Beautiful Federal Universities in Nigeria

There are 90 universities in Nigeria consisting of Federal, State and Private Institutions. Considering the huge number of universities in Nigeria especially those with beautiful campuses, it will be okay for anyone to disagree with my top 5 most beautiful federal Universities in Nigeria; beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


There are several opinions about the most beautiful university in Nigeria. In fact, it is really hard to choose only one of them. So, you can pick your favourite among the most beautiful universities in Nigeria.


Obafemi  Awolowo University is situated at Ile-Ife, Osun state. Formerly called University of Ife, OAU is the best University in Nigeria, in terms of amazing structures. There are so many amazing structures in Ife School that you would wonder if it is a university for just Civil Engineers, Architects and Estate surveyors.

The University was named after a Nigerian legend and a person who many believe is the best Nigerian President that never was, Chief Obafemi  Awolowo, on 12 May 1987.

The students of the University like to call it ‘Oba Awon Universities’. This means, ‘King of all Nigerian Universities’. It stands tall in Africa; It is obviously the most beautiful university ever.


Ahmadu Bello University is situated in Zaria. It has its main campus at Samaru and Annex (Faculty of Law and Administrtion)at Kongo. ABU is the pearl of the north and the next to the most beautiful university in Nigeria in terms of landscape and excellent structures. It is the oldest University in Northern Nigeria. The University which was formerly called College of Art Science and Technology, zaria was named after the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, the first premier of Northern Nigeria who was killed in 1966 in an Igbo-led coup.  Ahmadu Bello University has one of the finest collections of North’s bests.


UNILAG is situated in Akoka, jewel of Yaba, considered the 10th hottest location in lagos state. UNILAG’s Senate house is one of the best architectural pieces you can find in any Nigerian University, making it one of the best University in Nigeria. This University probably has the best of everything! The University houses probably the most girls you can find in a Nigerian University. Some people call it ”Federal University of Swag” some others call it “University of toh badt” meaning, ”the raw deal” University of Lagos is the most sought after high institution in Nigeria not because it is situated in the Centre of Excellence, but it is believed to be the city where dreams come through.


UNIBEN has always been an all-rounder and its magnificent structure is just one of its many outstanding attributes. In fact UNIBEN most probably has the best gate house amongst our tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. The university buildings from the entrance to the campus and hostel are a class act and one of the finest ever.  In 1985, Grace Alele-Williams made history as the first Nigerian woman to become the Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin till 1991.


U.I is Nigeria’s premier university and virtually the oldest University in Nigeria. It originated from Yaba College founded in 1932 in Yaba, lagos as the first tertiary educational Institute in Nigeria. Yaba College was transferred to Ibadan, becoming the University College of Ibadan, in 1948. The University was founded on its own site on 17 November 1948. Though characterized by old structures the university campus is still a site to behold and has never stopped being one of the most beautiful campuses in Nigeria.

As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You might have you arguments about our list of most beautiful Federal Universities in Nigeria, please let us have your comments and chat over this debatable topic.

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