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5 Reasons You Must not Stay On Campus

One of the questions popping from the minds of newly admitted students are, “should i take a hostel accommodation or not?” What are the benefits i stand to enjoy in […]

On campus

Reasons You Should Stay On Campus

Should you be in the dilemma between living off campus and on campus. Thinking of the benefits you stand to enjoy from either of both sides.  These are questions popping […]

Off Campus Hostel Accommodation in ABU.

Students of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, looking for off campus hostel accommodation in Zaria can now use the ATS platform to perform their search. Many fresh and returning students […]

600+ Cheap Hostel Accommodations in UNIPORT

Thousands of new and returning students of the University of Portharcourt face housing problems every year. Students looking for cheap hostel accommodations in UNIPORT however can now use to find […]

How Campus housing affect my university days

Over time, university experience has been affected by different reasons. One of which is campus housing. This effect can either be positive or negative. This experience can certainly not be […]

How To Wake Up Early From Sleep

Different people have different reasons for waking up from sleep at the times they wake up. In a world that’s wired for and hugely rewards early risers, how an you […]

How To Enjoy Your Stay In The School Hostel

Some peoples stay in the school hostel ends up making their time in the university miserable. Here are measures to ensure that you enjoy your stay in the school hostel. […]

Top ten things every Hostel room should have

Packing into your apartment should not feel like a permanent relocation, you will leave the house soon after your studies. Your room should have just the simple basic stuffs that […]

How to live peacefully with your roommate

Living with a roommate isn’t all that hard. What is hard is living in peace with your roommate. Yea, you might say he/she is your best friend but you guys […]