How To Earn & Withdraw Points on ATS.NG

Welcome to ATS.NG, this post will guide you on how to earn points which you can withdraw as money to you bank account. Read this post carefully to understand how the system works.

We are looking for students or non-students who will dedicate their free time to upload many off-campus hostels in their area to this website. We reward each hostel submitted here with 1 point. 

To start:

  1. You must sign-up as “Student” at
  2. From your dashboard, click on “Add Hostel” – watch the instructional video to know more.
  3. You must fill all information about the hostel – including the name, full address or location, select schools closest to it, with clear pictures of the hostel.
  4. Some hostels have facilities and rules, click on the facility options and add those information too.
  5. Once you are done, submit and wait for admin to approve it. 
  6. You can check your account balance anytime by clicking on “Withdraw”.

Also, we give 0.25 points each time your referral upload hostels. Click on referral link to refer friends through facebook, whatsapp and twitter.