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If you think it is impossible to save money on your salary, business or allowances, chances are you need to have a re-think. Financial experts believe anybody can save money […]

an eagle

Six Leadership Principles To Learn From An Eagle

Leadership is a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. Below are six interesting leadership principles we […]


Why Campus Students Take Drugs

Reasons Students Take Drugs For many students, the move away to university is the first time living away from home. And with all the freedoms independent living entails, it’s maybe […]


How to Identify Violence in a Relationship

Arguing when you are too angry is what really leads to violence. However, if you and your partner argue unfairly, you will not reach a compromise and neither of you […]


How To Manage Conflict In A Relationship

Conflict in a relationship isn’t strange, it is normal. But how you handle the conflict can make or destroy a healthy relationship. If you handle the conflict in a positive […]


Tips for Measuring a Healthy Relationship

Although relationships have a way it affects academics when you lose concentration. Though many students keeping a relationship might find it hard to cope with their academics, many others have […]


Balancing Relationships With Academics

Relationships can provide the necessary emotional support to help a student cope with the pressures of academics or work. However, balancing a committed, romantic relationship with academic and occupational demands, […]


Prostitution Among Campus Students-“ARISTOs!”

The level of prostitution among campus students in Nigeria today calls for sober reflection and urgent attentions to sustain the growing society drifting into rot; it is often argued that […]

couple's life

Regrets and Gains of Campus Couples

Students in relationships sometimes keep couple’s life, living together in while in school. This is mainly practiced among students living off campus.  While this has paid off for some, many […]