Frequently asked questions

- What is the meaning of ATS?
"ATS" is an acronym for "All Things Students", meaning that focuses on solving students-related problems as concerned with on and off-campus accommodation, sharing, selling and re-selling of new and used items within and outside campuses and school communities.

- Do ATS charge a fee for their services?
NO. We do not charge a fee for helping you find your perfect student accommodation. Selling and buying of items and services in the shop is also free. We built the platform for you, it's yours!

- How Do I Become a User?
It's easy, just register. We have three account types. Students, Agents & Landlords.

- Who should register as a student?
People who are enroled in school. Registering as a student enables you use all features of the site, including getting paid for posting hostels.

- Who is an Agent?
An Agent is a user who is primarily here to advertise hostels or items for sale. His/her primary contact is displayed alongside the property posted and is entitled to 10% rentage fee when property is taken by a student. An Agent is an "Agent".

- Who is a landlord?
You are a Landlord if you own a property and want to list it yourself on ATS. Your own is to get students who wish to rent your building.

- How Can I Contact An Agent or Landlord?
Search for properties and view Agent's or Landlord's contact in the property page, then contact them to schedule viewing. If satisfied, pay for the rent (face-to-face) and take possession of property/item. PLEASE, DO NOT PAY INTO ANY ACCOUNT OR OVER THE INTERNET WITHOUT PHYSICAL MEETING/ARRANGEMENT. ATS WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR LOSSES OF FUNDS, MONEY OR THE LIKES!

- Can I cancel a booking?
Please ask the Agent or Landlord about the cancellation policy for your specific property prior to payment.

- Why was my ad deleted (varied reasons)
Your ad may have been deleted because the price quoted is below or above its current market value. Please ensure that the price for your item is reflective of its market value. One more thing- Input only numbers in the space provided for price. Do not format the price with spaces, punctuation marks or other special characters. For instance, an ad priced at Forty Five Thousand Naira, should state "45000" in the price box. Not "45", "45k", "45,000.00". Your ad may also not be approved if such hostel has been posted already or you failed to provide all required information or good images of the property.
We will update this page with more Frequently Asked Questions as we see them come. Stay in touch!

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